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Write Long Form Articles Of Up To 800 Words

Long-form content is rewarded by the search engines but, not only that, it also resonates with readers. Marketers can use this type of content to their advantage, generating traffic, leads, and value.

Long form content has an air of authority and shows you to be an expert in your field. It should be an integral part of your content strategy for the following reasons:

Keyword Extractor

Keyword extraction obtains the most important keywords or key phrases from a given text without having to actually read a single line.

QuickCopy will automatically sift through website content and extract the most frequent keywords. Identifying the most relevant keywords used by your competition, for example, you can spot some great content writing opportunities.

Automated keyword extraction allows you to analyze as much data as you want. Yes, you could read texts and identify key terms manually, but it would be extremely time-consuming. Automating this task gives you the freedom to concentrate on other parts of your job.

Paraphrasing Tool

The QuickCopy AI-based paraphrasing tool has been developed with state-of-the-art technology. It rewrites articles, rewords sentences, and paraphrases the text. It also works as a reworder and rewriter for removing plagiarism.

Simply take a text, copy-paste it and let the tool paraphrase it for you.

It can rephrase text in a variety of different ways, meaning that you can find the perfect language, tone, and style.

Summarizing Tool

The QuickCopy Summarizer is an AI-based tool that sums up long text into shortened text. Basically it creates a condensed version that covers the main points of the original article.

The summarizing tool can convert 3-4 paragraphs into a single paragraph in just one click. It is developed with advanced algorithms that work to understand your content and then generate a comprehensive overview.

Remember, this tool doesn’t change the meaning of the actual content- it understands the overall message and finds the best overview.

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It improves the search engine rankings for your content or blog

Increased time on the page helps SEO

It increases engagement and social shares 

It builds authority for your brand or agency

It gives you the ability to add more links

It gives you the ability to provide more educational content to your audience which builds trust

It offers more backlink opportunities to build trust with the search engines

It leaves more room for engaging CTAs, which lead to more conversions

It gives you the ability to create more repurposed content for future posts 

It encourages more comments on your blog

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Amazon Ads Master = Value $197

This software will add self-updating Amazon ads to your QuickCopy content. 

This will save you time, automatically updating the latest and best selling products from Amazon so you can make affiliate commissions the easy way.

Clickbank Converter = Value $147

Do you want to earn 75% commission?

This powerful WordPress Plugin inserts affiliate linked banners from the Clickbank Marketplace into the content on your website, posts and pages. 

When someone clicks through and purchases you earn big!

Conversions Genie = Value $197

Create multiple pop-ups using this powerful software. Sliding, Lightbox or Fixed – just choose your pop-up and press publish.  

This will boost conversions and sales from your QuickCopy content.

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